Northside Running

There are many great running and tri groups in the area.  As an RRCA Certified Club, Northside Running is a great place to get in shape, train, and meet other runners within the community: whether your dream is to complete a 5k or train for an Ironman.  We encourage all types of athletes.  Fast, slow, big, small, young, old…if you show up, we are rooting for you and we truly find joy in your success. We offer accountability.  We are here to encourage, inspire and never intimidate. We are here to show you that by doing hard work, you can do hard things.  Go at your own pace, the choice is yours, and the possibilities are endless. 

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“This is a group of fun people, who love to run. It's a judgment-free and encouraging group of runners from all different ages, abilities, and backgrounds, who get together with one thing in common - running! I love that everyone who shows up to run is welcome and encouraged to take that first step!”  -Meredith Moss 

“This group of runners is very unique. We come from different levels of athletic abilities. We have Boston marathoners, middle of the pack runners, and beginners. However, we celebrate each other's accomplishments and lift each other up in times of setbacks. We are blessed to have a coach who is there for us at any moment. Leanne is the kind of person who will run with you, drive you to races, arrange accommodations for out of state races just to mention a few. Our club has much to offer whether you’re a beginner or an elite runner. We laugh together, we look after each other, and we build friendships that are lasting.” -Marta Mixa

“Running with this group had changed my life. It’s more than just runners.  Leanne’s desire to see everyone do their best is infectious.  It’s an amazing group of people that rejoice at one another’s accomplishments, root each other on to make your best better, and build you up on your bad days, weeks, and even months. This group is a perfect example of how iron sharpens iron. It reminds you each time you gather together (sweat together) that you can do anything you set your mind to, and we are all here to cheer you on along the way!!”  -Dawn Johnson



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