Our Northside Running Coaching Staff is very dedicated to your success. Coming from various backgrounds with extensive expertise, all of our coaches share a passion to help runners set, develop and conquer their goals…at every level. We work together as a team, when you succeed, we all succeed!

Neither an athlete or a coach should enter a relationship lightly.  The athlete needs to research the coach, understand their philosophy and ask questions.  Schedule a meeting before deciding if coaching is right for you, be honest about your goals and level of commitment up front, and see if it’s a fit.

Good communication, openness, honesty and respect is expected on both parties and is essesential to have the best possible chance in achieving success and reaching goals.
*In addition, improper, inappropriate conduct will result in being removed from the group.


Meet Our Coaches.


Leanne Rosser
Founder of Northside Running


Denise Powers
Running + Endurance + Nutrition


Jesse Miller
Running + Tri + CPT + Nutrition


Sean Summerlin
Running + Tri + Strength


Lauren Hoffart
Running + CPT

Pace Leaders
Group Run Pacers